Friday, November 4, 2011

Favorite Blushes

Happy Friday Beauties! 

I rencently picked up a couple of Rimmel blushes that I am loving and thought I'd share them along with some other blushes that I like :)

Top row: Rimmel lasting finish blush in Spring Flower and Mary Kay blush in Shy blush
Bottom row: Rimmel lasting finish blush in Autumn Catwalk, ELF studio blush in Candid Coral, and Wet N Wild color icon blush in Heather Silk. 

Top to Bottom: Heather Silk, Shy Blush,Candid Coral, Spring Flower, Autumn Catwalk.
The Rimmel swatches are of all three shades, blended together, but you can absolutely use each shade separately. I thought I had swatches of each shade on it's own....but I don't! In fact the autumn catwalk blush works great as eye shadows! Here is a look I did, doing just that. Gotta love multi-use products! One thing I don't understand is the names of these two blushes. I would call the pink one 'spring flower' and the mauvey/browny one 'autumn catwalk'. I think that would make more sense....just sayin'! 
Autumn catwalk is a little more pigmented and is creamier than spring flower and needs a light hand. Spring flower is a great natural blush if you have a strong eye look going on, but it does require a little more working with to build up and blend. These are my first Rimmel blushes and I am very pleased with them. 

Candid coral is nicely pigmented , as are all of the ELF studio blushes.It has a nice texture, not super creamy, but not chalky by any means. On my fair complexion, this one requires a light hand! I used this more in the summer for a peachy glow.

Shy blush oh how I've neglected you! You have sat in my z palette unloved. Well, no more! It was love at first swatch(well, not first, but first in a long time!). You are so rich and creamy and a dream to blend! *Swoon!* This has been my go to blush lately. It gives a lovely natural pinky/peachy flush. Why is this the only Mary Kay blush I own? It's seriously time to call the Mary Kay Lady

Wet N Wild's heather silk is a highly pigmented rosey blush. The texture is nice and it's easy to blend. This definitely requires a light hand! It's very easy to go from 'nice flush' to 'clown' with this one! 

What are some of your favorite blushes? I'd love to hear!

I hope you all have a great weekend. I won't be around this weekend. I'm unplugging to spend time with my family and reconect with my husband. It's been a busy week and we all need some family time and some R & R! I'll be back Monday with the blog hop and what's coming up and I'll be answering your comments :)

Thanks for reading!


Kassi said...

They are all so pretty. Why did I never buy MK Shy Blush? The swatch color is amazing!

InspiredBeauty said...

I was a little surprised when I swatched it! It's a great blush! :)

Arielle Thibodeaux said...

The Rimmel blushes are very cute...I've bee thinking about trying them myself!

Manda said...

The only blush I had for 3 years, up until very recently was MK Sunny Spice. It broke about 2 weeks ago. Waahh! :( I also have Candid Coral, love it :)

Jazminhunter84 said...

All those blush colors look very pretty.
Im a new follower!!! nice blog

InspiredBeauty said...

Go for it Arielle! I really like them :) Thanks for reading!

InspiredBeauty said...

Thank you Jazmin! 

Jaimee said...

Thats a bummer amanda!

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