Friday, September 2, 2011

ELF Haul!!!

I have been resisting the ELF sales since January. I just couldn't hold out any longer! Last week they had a code for 50% off the studio line. So I grabbed a few things!

Here's the break down:
Small Brush Holder-
Studio Lip liner and blending brush in- Natural and Nude pink- Admittedly, I have not tried many lip liners, but these are without a doubt the best I've tried. They are super creamy and go on like a dream! The color payoff is great as well.  There is also a brush at one end that it is nice for blending. I would repurchase this.

Studio Eyeliner & Shadow stick in- Plum/Purple- I enjoy the product itself, but in a different color. I'm not crazy about the shadow end. I was hoping for a brighter purple color. Both the shadow and liner are creamy and easy to apply and blend. I use the shadow as a base for powder shadows. These do crease on me after 8 hours or so, even with primer. But for the price that doesn't bother me. I wish I would have gotten the forest green one instead! I have repurchased this product

Studio Glossy gloss in-Berry Blush- The pigmentation of this gloss is great and I really like this color. I'm not a fan of the texture though. It is very thick and heavy. It isn't really sticky, but it feels very thick on my lips and I don't like that. If I am careful to apply it lightly it isn't too bad. I might repurchase.
Top- Glossy gloss in Berry Blush. L to R- Lip liner in Natural and Nude pink
Shadow/Liner stick in plum/purple.

Studio Warm Bronzer- EmilyNoel83 used this in her Back to Beautiful makeup tutorial and I just had to have it! I like swirling all of the colors together for an all over glow, use the darker shades for contouring eyes and cheeks, and the two lighter shades as a high light. I would repurchase

Matte top coat polish- Give a Matte finish to any polish. It works!
Mineral eye blending brush- Soft and great for blending shadows. I like the smaller size of this blending brush. It fits my eye nicely.

Studio body Kabuki brush- I love this big fat kabuki brush!! I use it on my face though. It is very soft and great for a light dusting of finishing powder or bronzer.

I am very pleased with my purchases. And I would also like to mention that the shipping was very fast! In the past ELF's shipping hasn't been the greatest, but this time everything was great! Everything arrived in good condition and it arrived quickly!
ELF is found at and at some Target, Big Lot's, Dollar General and other discount stores.
Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day! :)

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Kassi said...

I am quite intrigued by the studio bronzer. I have never had much luck with bronzer. Blends easily?

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