Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall 2011 Beauty Trends

Fall is just about here! Fall is my absolute favorite season. I just love the crisp, cool air, the rich colors, and of course some hot apple cider!

A new season is the perfect time to spice up your usual make up look.
I am loving the trends this season. While some do look kind of crazy on the runway, I think they can be easily adapted to make them more wearable. Here are my favorites....

Wine stained lips

I love this. I feel like it's a more wearable version of a red lip. Here's how to wear it: 1. Apply lip balm and blot any excess
            2. Apply lipstick. I like to dab it on from the tube and then use my finger to blend it in.
            3. If desired apply a clear gloss.

Bold Lashes
I am on the fence with this one. The trend is bold, clumpy, spidery lashes. It looks great on the models but I don't think my short and thin lashes can handle it! I will probably try it anyway!
To achieve this look I recommend L'oreal voluminous carbon black mascara. This mascara has a more wet formula and is easy to build up. Apply several coats of mascara until the desired effect is achieved.

Bold brows
I think a full, natural brow is beautiful. I am so happy to see this as a trend. Unfortunately for me, my brows are not as luscious as I'd like them to be. To fill them in I like to: 1. pencil them in with my Maybelline define a brow pencil. Use short strokes to create a more hairlike texture and to prevent your brows from looking 'drawn on'.
                         2. Set with a brow gel, clear mascara, or hairspray.

Colorful, metallic smokey eyes

Who doesn't love a smokey eye? It's an easy, sexy look that is perfect for a night out, or anytime you want to feel a little vampy.
For an easy smokey eye: 1. Prime the eyelid and under the lower lash line with your favorite primer. I like the ELF mineral primer.
               2. Using the Wet n Wild trio in Don't steal my Thunder, take the metallic silver shade with a flat shadow brush and pat it on your eyelid. Bring the shadow a little above the crease.
              3. With the same brush run the silver shadow along the lower lash line.
              4. If desired, intensify the look using the darkest shade with a crease brush. Apply the color to the outer corner of the lid and blend up toward the crease and towards the eyelid. Be sure to keep the color concentrated to the outer corner.
              5. Blend away any harsh lines with a clean blending brush
              6. Run the darker shade along the lower lash line, going about half way in.
              7. Line the eyes. You could use black but I like a gunmetal shade with this instead. I used the ELF Shimmering eyeliner pencil in 'gunmetal'.

smudge the liner with a smudger brush, qtip, or your finger.
             8. Curl lashes and apply mascara
Any metallic shadow can be used to achieve this look. Play around with different colors to find your perfect look!

Smokey eye too much for you? A more everyday version of this trend would be to simply add a metallic liner to any eyeshadow look. I like the ELF shimmering eye pencils and Milani has some awesome metallic liners.

Flushed Cheeks
For a natural flush use a cream blush. Apply a small amount to the apples of your cheeks using your fingertips and blend. The NYC blushable creamsticks are great and they're cheap too!

So what trends will you be trying out this fall?

Thanks for reading and have a great day! <3



Anonymous said...

i love these, especially the wine lips, its fun to try something different!

♥Layla♥ said...

OhMyGosh I LOVE wine stained lips! Cute blog!

Jess Ouest said...

Nice blog! And hey, we picked the same background :)

Cami said...

I love your blog! I followed! Please check out mine and follow me? Thanks!

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