Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Every Thursday for the month of November I'm going to do a 'Thankful Thursday' post. I have a few Facebook friends that are doing status updates everyday about something they are thankful for. I thought I'd use that idea, but do it as a weekly blog post. Here goes!

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and I have caught the 'gimmie gimmie's', just like a child does. I'm looking at sale ads, online stores, blogs, videos..looking for things that I may want, just like I did as a child. I am my nine year old self, scouring through the Toys R Us ad, circling all of the things that I want. 
Last night as I was lying in bed, thinking about what my 'thankful' blog would be about, I realized how ridiculous my wants are!

I want and Ipad even though I have a smart phone and a laptop that do basically the same things an Ipad does.
I want a new camara I have not one, but two digital cameras. One of which hasn't been used in years. 
I want a new Ipod I already have one that works perfectly fine and I hardly use it.
I want a new TV for the bedroom Again, I already have one that works fine and doesn't get used that much.
I want this, that, and the other thing I literally have everything that I could possibly need and don't appreciate it as I should. 

How silly, right?! Instead of dwelling on all of these things that I think would make me happy, why not try loving and appreciating all that I already have?! 

I have a loving husband who has stuck with me for nine years(dating for six, married for three). He gets me like no one else. He works so hard to support us, financially, spiritually  emotionally. He does it all. Teddy is my husband and my best friend. He has seen me at my absolute worst and continues to love me anyway. I am so thankful and blessed to have him as my partner to get through this life. 

I have a beautiful son. A little boy that loves me and lights up my life. He's the blessing that I never knew I wanted. My little boy has done so much for me just by being here. I thank God everyday that I get to be his Mommy. 
picture removed

I am incredibly thankful to have love and am thankful for my little family. They matter more to me than any 'thing' ever could! :)

Sorry for the seriousness of this post. This is something that has been weighing on my heart lately. We all have much to be thankful for but we seem to forget it sometimes. I'm trying to make a conscious effort to remember my blessings and not be consumed by the 'gimmie gimmie's' :)

Thanks for reading :)
xo, Jaimee


Amanda Diesing said...

This seriously brought a tear to my eye! We are lucky people, and have plenty to be thankful for. Well said friend!

Kassi said...

This warms my heart. You are so right. We are incredibly blessed. And your wedding photo made me smile big - what a wonderful day that was :)

InspiredBeauty said...

Yes! That was one of the best days of my life and I am so grateful that you were a part of it :) Love you!

InspiredBeauty said...

Thanks Amanda! Love ya! <3

Susandeeraper said...

You are beautiful, inside and out!!!

InspiredBeauty said...

Thanks! I get it from my Momma! ;)

mama marchand said...

This is a great reminder, lady.

Thanks for linking up! :)

InspiredBeauty said...

No, thank you! :)

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