Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Beauty Blog Hop, Agenda for the Week, and Some Rambling :)

Happy Monday Beauties! 

This week I am a featured blogger on the Monday Beauties Blog Hop! For more information about the blog hop and how to add your blog click the link!

A product rave, Wet N Wild swatches, and another installment of Thankful Thursday are what's on the agenda for this week. I may throw in a FOTD or NOTD, just depends on what kind of week I have.

I've been busy the past week doing a deep clean of our home and doing some organizing. I'm kicking myself for not being better organized sooner! It's a little early to call it, but when I'm all done I think we'll have a little EXTRA space! I'm super excited for that. For those of you who don't know me in real life, we live in a two bedroom apartment and are bursting at the seams. I am a procrastinator married to a pack rat. Not the best combo for a clean house! Over the weekend I shredded (by hand) a box of my husbands old pay stubs dating all the way back to 1999! I have no idea why he was keeping them....but I digress :) If you are interested in any organization tips and ideas let me know. I'm no expert, but things are coming together pretty nicely for me :)

If you are visiting from the blog hop, thank you for stopping by :) Please leave me a comment letting me know you visited! Also, please vote in the poll at the top  of the page! 

Have a great week! 

Thanks for reading!
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Ifcurvescouldtalk said...

Have a great week!

InspiredBeauty said...

Thanks! You too :)

Michelle_HLNB1 said...

Hi Jaimee, I am following back your blog from the blog hop too! Glad you liked the crochet post.
Thanks for following Healthy Living Natural Beauty!

InspiredBeauty said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks for following! :)

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