Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hey there. Remember me?

 I've decided to give blogging another go. I stopped for a while and I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue blogging. Then today I just wanted to blog! I got out my make up bag and snapped a few pictures. Then I visited my blog and made some changes to the design. I opened photoshop and attempted to create a banner...I'm still working on it.

When I first started blogging I enjoyed it but I didn't have a  clear direction or vision for what I wanted my blog to be. I started to think "Why am I doing this?" I didn't have an answer so I stopped doing it. 

I'm still getting my thoughts and goals for the blog in order. I know that I want to be more than just another beauty blog. I want to be more than hauls and swatches and pictures of myself. I want to be inspiring. I want to make you feel good about yourself. I want to be beautiful from the inside out.    I still want to do the fun makeup posts, but I want to do more too. 

So, I'm back to blogging. This time with a better frame of mind and a better vision of what I want my blog to be. We'll see how it goes! 

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Ifcurvescouldtalk said...

Welcome back!

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