Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guest Post

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Today I have a guest post from Jackie Clark. Jackie does outreach for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, a leading web resource for mesothelioma cancer. Many of her articles help women, with a cancer diagnosis, find and maintain their self worth. She emphasizes that despite a cancer diagnosis, a woman should still feel good about herself and feel beautiful. 

Strength in Beauty: Fighting Cancer with Confidence

By: Jackie Clark

In the face of a cancer diagnosis, the old adage "look good, feel good" can seem trite especially with a mesothelioma cancer prognosis. Life gets turned upside down, and it’s easy to feel defeated and resigned on the personal appearance front. With a serious illness to contend with, who wouldn't?

Yet letting go of confidence-boosting beauty routines can be an emotional drain for many women. The difference between feeling sluggish and frumpy with an unwashed face and tired eyes, versus the inner spark that comes with a bit of blush and mascara, can be dramatic. Makeup is a fashion tool that can drive inner strength and confidence. Two of the hottest trends in beauty right now offer benefits to health-conscious women who want to channel their best selves in even the most trying of circumstances.

Organic makeup, like organic food, is produced without artificial ingredients. It’s makeup that comes from plants, not petroleum. Women, who go organic, are concerned that chemicals in everyday products may be carcinogenic, also knows as cancer causing agents. These concerns are especially strong for those who are currently battling cancer are in remission, or who have a strong family history of the disease.

There is no research that directly links to things like mesothelioma and breast cancer to the use of cosmetics. Still, some people are more comfortable with products touted as all-natural. The market for organic makeup has grown as consumer advocacy groups investigate its possible health benefits.

Mineral makeup is also more popular than ever. The most common mineral makeup is a loose powder foundation buffed into the skin with a large kabuki or powder brush. Light layers are applied sparingly, up to the desired level of coverage. The effect is much more natural looking and luminous than what's seen with traditional makeup. It feels lighter and fresher than the old liquid standby.

Mineral makeup is also healthier for the skin. It is generally non-comedogenic, which means it does not clog pores. Many manufacturers advertise their mineral lines as makeup so gentle on the skin, it can be worn overnight without causing breakouts. Mineral makeup is well-tolerated by those with sensitive or acne-prone skin, as it tends not to contain irritating additives and fillers. In addition to skin-smoothing foundation, mineral blushes and eyeshadows are also increasingly available.

The trend toward natural cosmetics means playing up intrinsic beauty. Feeling comfortable, confident, and chic in one’s own skin is the biggest beauty asset of all. Easy and effortless is winning out over fussy and fake, and every woman can make a bold statement that is uniquely her own. Makeup may not be medicine, but in the fight against cancer, every psychological advantage is an asset.

Thank you, Jackie, for your insightful and helpful post! 
For more information and more articles by Jackie go to the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog.

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