Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Hey there! For this weeks Thankful Thursday here are 30 things that I'm thankful for (In no particular order) 

1. God

2. A loving and devoted husband

3. My beautiful son

4. A close relationship with my parents

5. An improving relationship with my inlaws

6. Siblings- We haven't always gotten along but I'm thankful that there are two people out there that will always have my back, no matter what.

7. Great friends

8. My church family

9. My furry friends, Jasper and Coco. They make me feel not so alone at night.

10. Pictures! I just spent 15 minutes looking through pictures of Braden since he was born. I can't believe how he's changed! 

11. Iced Coffee

12. Fresh fruit and veggies

13. Chocolate ice cream

14. A warm bed to sleep in

15. A car that runs

16. Concealer

17. Mascara

18. Contacts

19. Yoga pants

20. The beach

21. Sunrises

22. Sunsets

23. My health

24. A good book

25. Dishwashers

26. Movies

27. Music

28. A good haircut

29. Sleep

30. Love

What are you thankful for?


Kassi said...

What a great list! :) I am thankful for so much I can't even begin to express it. I am very blessed and you are one of those blessings :)

emily said...

as a sibling we are getting along more now than we were kids :) so im thankful for that.  

InspiredBeauty said...

True! :) THanks for leaving a comment Emmy :) Love you! 

InspiredBeauty said...

Aww, I'm blessed by you! <3 ya!

Kristie Burnett said...

jaimee, thanks so much for the great post. your little boy is adorable!

InspiredBeauty said...

Yes he is :) Thanks for reading Kristie! 

C-FABulous Makeup said...

ummm. your little boy is SOOO cute!!!!!!!  

Hsboschke30 said...

I love this!  When you are truly grateful for what you have, there is no room for negativity :)


Jaimee said...

I know! Hehe :) Thanks for reading!

Jaimee said...

So true! Thanks for reading! :)

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