Friday, October 7, 2011


Hey beauties! I just wanted to update you on some changes to the blog.

I'm sure you noticed that I changed the name. I am no longer 'J's Beauty Corner'. I thought of the name 'Inspired Beauty' and felt that it fits better. I want to focus not only on outer beauty but inner beauty as well. My goal is to do regular inspirational type posts in addition to the reviews, hauls, ect.

I joined Bloglovin. If you follow multiple blogs, I highly reccomend using bloglovin. I find it much easier to use and read.

I am also trying to make some changes to the appearance and layout of the blog. Please bear with me while I attempt to make these changes! I know nothing about this sort of thing and am quite computer illiterate! :)

If you have any suggestions or constructive critisms don't hesitate to let me know!

As always thanks for reading!
xoxo, J

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