Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

A few days ago on the Beauty Broadcast facebook page, there was a discussion on how often you clean your makeup brushes. I admit that I don't deep clean my brushes nearly as often as I should. In fact, it wasn't until I began watching makeup videos last year that it even occurred to me that they needed to be cleaned. Gross, I know.
This is how I deep clean my brushes. I did not invent this method. I got it from youtube :) You will need:
Baby shampoo, dirty brushes, olive oil. and a clean towel. Glass of wine optional :)
The olive oil works at drawing out the makeup and conditions the bristles while the soap cleanses.
I put a small pump of baby shampoo and a small drizzle of olive oil in the palm of my hand 

Then wet only the bristles of your brush and swirl it in the palm of your hand. Some brushes will leave a lot of product in your hand and some won't. Take care to not get water passed the ferrule (metal part) of the brush. If water gets in there it can cause the handle to warp and/or rot.

Keep swirling until the brush no longer leaves makeup on your hand and the water is clear when you rinse it. For really dirty brushes you may need to rinse your hand and add more shampoo and oil and swirl a second or third time.
Once your brush is clean squeeze out the excess water and lay flat to dry. Do not stand upright to dry, as water can get down into the ferrule, and let dry overnight.  

I try to deep clean my brushes once a month, but in reality do it every couple of months and spot clean with a cleansing spray weekly or as needed.  I like the daily brush cleaner from ELF.
How often do you clean your brushes?
Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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